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Joe Saliba kien konsulent taċ-Ċaqnu u Seg. Ġen tal-PN – JPO

Bomba oħra minn Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando – filwaqt li jgħid li mhux se jġin ruħu bħal Franco Debono fil-mozzjoni ta’ sfiduċja fil-Gvern ta’ GonziPN, JPO jagħmel rivelazzjoni li tkexkex ir-rabta bejn in-negozju u l-PN. Ara naqra x’qal eżatt fuq timesofmalta.com

Nationalist backbencher Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando said today he will support Franco Debono’s motion on party-financing.

“I have already stated that I will not be supporting Dr Debono’s stand regarding the no-confidence motion presented by the opposition.

“I will, however, definitely support his private member’s motion on party financing,” Dr Pullicino Orlando said on Facebook.

Dr Pullicino Orlando said he appreciated how relevant legislation in this respect was used during his involvement in the campaign against the cement factory proposed by Charles Polidano ic-Caqnu.

‘Joe Saliba was Caqnu’s consultant’

“I encountered strong opposition by Mr Joe Saliba who was the PN secretary-general in those days.

“He used all the party machinery to push for the acceptance of the cement factory.

“I used to wonder why until I got to know that he was employed by Mr Polidano as a consultant.

“Mr Polidano boasted that he used to pay him thousands of euro every month for his services,” Dr Pullicino Orlando wrote.

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