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Farrugia in face-off with Gonzi, ‘You ask for my suicide, then attend my funeral’ | MaltaToday






Farrugia in face-off with Gonzi, ‘You ask for my suicide, then attend my funeral’ | MaltaToday.

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  1. Mario Borg
    July 1, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Dr Farrugia, half measures are as good as no measures at all. You should have really stood up to be counted. You’re sick and tired of this corrupt administration as are all genuine nationalist supporters who have voted PN all through their voting lives. You are bored stiff with all this patching going on in the GonziPN clan, this scratching my back thing, the unaccounted for manouvers going on, the dirty tricks.
    Jump now, before the boat sinks deeper. You’re still in time!

  2. July 5, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Catholic Church’s position in Malta. So, it had to be the negative divorce outcome to prompt a survey to highlight its present and future potentials. Well, it’s never too late to mend, but the harm done won’t be repaired. The Only Church was founded by Christ to be a means of consolation, of protection and a guide to humanity, because by his precious blood, he redeemed humanity.
    The Catholic Church (personally, I dislike this appellation) has become severely impoverished in disciplined in its hierarchy. Consequently, it cannot sincerely be said that it is still a way to salvation. Again, it’s cut from life’s realities, and it stands out for stereotyped ceremonies and sermons.
    As a result, church attendance for Sunday service has been dwindling over the years, and correspondingly, members of other religious denominations have been increasing. Why? Simply, because they sense more spiritual aise, refuge and more satisfaction.
    There has been escalating over the years a religious politicisation – the Virgin Mary has outnumbered herself. She figures every human feeling, mood and whatnot. Again, some village saint is superior to Mary, and even Jesus. Who is to blame for this sinful idolatry tolerated for such a long time and even instigated. The ‘Our Father’ instituted by Jesus, so a perfect prayer, has also been subjected to finishing touches,eg, tribulations, suffering and related emotions. This approach is already entrenched in the ‘Our Father’. The sacrament of reconciliation, formerly, of penance, is generally considered as a psychological outburst, nothing spiritually to be obtained.
    At this juncture, therefore, I opine that it is very difficult to turn back the clock, and it is easier to demolish than to build

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